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those who feel truth

those who feel truth see yours. you cannot disguise it from me. a soul – buried – its last defense against your injured ego – a venomous dictionary at its tongue’s tip – nearly always used to hide truth and… Continue Reading →


Bones jerk & reassemble at your arrival. Watch. It is not pleasant. The seasoned who would stomp and scream otherwise shake Then run — flushed — at times with pride, more often panic Because you are a new kind of… Continue Reading →

First & Second Drafts

August 22, 2011 – we learned Angie died. There’s a phrase turning in my head — it’s still too new, too now to be of any use to me yet but I know it’s about you – about a hope… Continue Reading →


Funny, what I remember – “Exit, pursued by a bear – best stage direction ever,” then a one-cheek Duck Soup laugh. Cigarettes, brown straw hair, jeans, plaid shirts not lately laundered. Stuff of the ordinary. Extraordinary – compelling me to begin… Continue Reading →

That Fall Day

Sometimes, it just happens this way. Fall slams on the trees, the air chills, and I remember. I remember running, my feet pounding into the soft pavement, the smell of my new leather jacket, and catching up with her and… Continue Reading →

January 7, 2006

Cut the crap and get to the source. self-created drama is no longer allowed, tolerated, endured, or permitted to flow again. not here. not in this place. not ever. you’ve spent so much time smashing those walls and revealing to… Continue Reading →

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