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Cupid’s Arrows

Flash Fiction — 28 Days of Stories #6

Athena could hear the slap of Cupid’s bare feet coming down the marble hallway. She didn’t turn when the bare feet stopped in the doorway of her study.

“I’m surprised you didn’t fly here,” she said, studying the map on the desk in front of her, unmoved by the noisy arrival.

“Give them back, Athena,” Cupid yelled. Athena giggled. She turned around on the stool without rising. “Give them back,” she said, mocking him. “Give WHAT back?”

Cupid puffed his wings on his shoulders. From across the room, Athena’s owl stretched her wings and flapped briefly.

“You should be careful how much you do that, Cupid, or Noctua might think you’re lunch,” Athena said.

“I need my arrows back NOW, Athena,” Cupid said. “You know what they do when you use them in battle.”

“And it’s hysterical!” Athena said, unable to control giggling. “A warrior running across the field to embrace his sworn enemy and declare undying love and devotion! The world wants stories like that.”

Cupid glowered. “Someday, Athena, I’ll tag you with one and you’ll stop messing with my stuff!” He stormed away as Athena turned back to her map, still giggling.

“Oh, the love of war,” she said.


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