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One Word

The words echoing in your head, heart, and soul are there to remind you that you are sentient, cognizant, and have something worth sharing, repeating, and living.  And there’s a singular obsession we all have to make them known: call it passion, destiny, fate, or life’s purpose – it doesn’t matter. It’s what makes your heart race, brain speed up, and time slow down. It makes you laugh, guides the soundtrack in your head, and pushes you every day to say “what IS that?” It creates love, heartbreak, and strength. It exposes our weaknesses, shows the best and worst of our ego to the world, and ultimately sculpts this malleable thing that we call life into something worth being here for.

You have value and purpose – even if you’re not entirely assured.

You don’t know when you will say, write, paint, or create the ONE THING that will resonate so deeply within another’s soul that you will, in turn, stir their passion to the surface. And when someone says, writes, paints, or creates something that resonates with you – share it – and turn up its volume with your own creations. The light from a million candles can begin with a single flame, just as every book throughout time has begun with a single word. It’s as simple as that.

Go write.


About Christine Wilcox Anderson

Writer, former corporate communications exec, and perpetual student of life on this rock.
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