When I look back now to when I quit my job to be a full-time freelance writer and author, I had NO IDEA where to find trusted writer websites. I turned to Google. Over time, I managed to sort the wheat from the chaff. Here’s where you get to benefit from my wasted money, pain, and crazy amounts of time in finding trusted writer websites that are truly worth your attention.

Get Help Here for trusted writer websites and resources

If it’s listed here, I’ve had meaningful participation in one or more offerings. They’re on my list of trusted writer websites, and I hope you’ll find them useful. Most of these sites have a ton of free content, but some are paid-only. Check them out if you need some inspiration. 

Anything marked with an Asterisk is a paid service or subscription, either current or past, and affiliate links are indicated with AL. If you want more information on any of the below, please contact me. I’d love to answer your questions.

Rockstar Writing Teachers & Craft-Focused Sites

Jane Friedman’s insanely helpful website* – I have no words. Jane is at the top of my most trusted writer websites.

Carolyn Ziel* – One of my favorite writing, meditation, and creativity teachers, Carolyn’s classes on Jack Grapes Method Writing©  will give you new tools for how you craft scene. She is an amazing, supportive coach, too.

The Writer’s Sanctuary* – one of the best learning resources for new writers. The Writer’s Sanctuary is led by CJ Redwine and Mary Weber. They have developed a fantastic approach for writers wanting to learn more and find a supportive community. Their focus? Everything they wish they would have known when they started out. Follow them on IG. Join The Red Herrings Society to get monthly training, insider info, writing support, and a team of dedicated writers who will cheer you on and support you.

Lisa Cron – Wired for Story – For those of you who love neuroscience and how our brains work out stories, Lisa is a fantastic resource!

TheOpening.org* – Andy Couturier is hands down one of the most inspirational writing teachers I have ever experienced.

The Sh*t No One Tells You About Writing* – Bianca Marais‘ insanely valuable podcast; chip in $10 a month through Ko-Fi for access to bonus content featuring edits to query letters submitted by listeners.

Rachel McMillan on Twitter – craft, life, humor, support, expertise. Follow her.

One Stop for Writers* – valuable for publishing every type of writing thesauri created. 

CreativeLive* (Especially Lisa Cron’s Sessions) – if you need an open door to a universe of classes on everything, this is a great place to start.

ProWritingAid (AL)* and AutoCrit* – tools to tell you every last thing that MIGHT be wrong. They’re not always right, but they’re helpful.

Plottr* – Visual book planning and story bible all in one. If you struggle with plotting, give it a shot!

Fictionary.co* – this is a recent one, so I’m still working through it. Why I was sold on it: “Fictionary is the only software made specifically to help fiction writers perform a developmental edit.”

Angela James Online Classes – Before You Hit Send – you won’t regret it! Her writing community, Book Boss, also has a supportive community and resource-filled site.

Manuscript Academy* Paid memberships only (slightly pricey). Great content, write-ins, and writing shares.

Your Writer Platform* – This was such an insanely valuable resource, I tried to pay for it twice. (Yes, I’m that girl). From the creative entrepreneur-focused templates to author brand strategies, Kimberley Grabas has put together some of the best content ever on being your own author-boss.

Jen Terpstra* – Scrivener guru and writer advocate, her templates for Scrivener and Notion can make your life so much easier.

Freelance: Mandy Ellis – if you’re looking to be a freelancer working for business clients, Mandy is an exceptional resource for you. She’s a working content strategist, but takes time out of her life to lift other writers up and be a phenomenal resource for the writing community.

Freelance: The Freelance Writer’s Den* – add yourself to the waitlist for this one if you’re looking to grow your freelance business fast. Helpful community, exhaustive resources, great classes.

Freelance: The Editorial Freelancers Association has fantastic resources for writers as well as those interested in being an editor and launching a business around it.

Inspiration is limitless

Submissions & Publishing

Erika Krouse’s Ranking of 500-ish Literary Magazines for Short Fiction 

Submittable.comfrequently used to submit. Also posts opportunities.

Duotrope – submissions tracking site; agent & publisher database.

Publishers Marketplace – I’m listing this because I did subscribe and learned things, but as a new writer, it was a bit too much information.

AgentQuery – The internet’s largest free database of literary agents.

hand holding red pen over proofreading text on table signifying trusted writer resources for submitting and publishing

Insanely helpful Business Resources

When you decided to be an author, you became a Chief Executive Officer, Financial Officer, Legal Officer, Communications Officer, Marketing Officer, Operations Officer, and Customer Care Officer. We wear a lot of hats! It’s crucial that you get business guidance when you need it. Even if your work gets picked up by a publisher, it’s estimated that up to 70% of the marketing of it will fall on your desk.

Get help, create a plan, and learn. Here’s my list of business pros who will make your life easier.

Alisa Kay (AL) Magnetic Mavens Membership – I started following Alisa in 2022, and she earned my business by being one of the few people to actually answer my questions when she launched Magnetic Mavens.

Leonie Dawson (AL) – Leonie’s Brilliant Biz and Life Academy has a wait list that’s worth signing up for (unless you’re opposed to swearing… Leonie’s command of cuss words is unparalleled in the entrepreneurial sector!). Until her doors open, she has SO many freaking insanely valuable courses like this one for organizing. Interested in her whole catalog? Go to her shop so she can help you in your pursuit of being the online unicorn who becomes a billionaire. 😉

Marketing Magic (AL) – by the ever-resourceful Marketing with Menekse, the Marketing Magic dashboards leverage AI to help you deliver content faster and more effectively than ever before.

Artful Contracts (AL) – not knowing that you’re breaking the law isn’t an excuse for breaking it. Amy Nesheim is your go-to resource for all things legal for your business, including those invaluable Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy docs your website needs. (No, it isn’t kosher to copy and paste someone else’s, in case you were wondering)

Work with Me! 

Learn more about the author writing and editing services I provide here. If you’re looking for business messaging help, I also provide consulting and advisory services for entrepreneurs looking to nail their business content (please note, I don’t design websites, but I can edit something you’ve already started).


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