Writers, what’s the horror story that haunts you? Sending a manuscript with typos? Getting rejected because your manuscript didn’t follow the formatting rules? Getting a query letter back with edits… in red pen?

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Just getting your draft of your book down on the page isn’t enough. You have to perfect it, which can be nearly impossible to do alone.

When you work with me on your manuscript, no matter what length or type of story, I look at it as if it were my own. From generating your style sheet to ensure your work is consistent throughout to checking for those pesky commas, homophones, and overused words, we can partner on your work to create a polished, complete manuscript you can be proud of.

Where Should You Start?

Manuscript Critiques

What’s the most common question writers ask? You’ve asked it. 
      Is my writing any good? 

Invest in a Manuscript Critique and get specific feedback on questions you have, whether it’s structure, style, or something else entirely.

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Editing Services

Finding an editor who can stick with you through your first drafts, worst drafts, and final drafts is as amazing as finding your favorite shoes on 90% off BOGO. 

Your first five pages are free! You have nothing to lose, and hey, we each might gain another writer friend either way. 

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Work With Me 1 on 1

Whether you write Creative Non-Fiction, Fiction, or Poetry, sometimes the best solution is getting live guidance from someone who has been there, I’d love to work with you

Packages range from 4 sessions to monthly.

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Go Write Through It:
Winter Writing Circle

When: Every Sunday – 2 hours | 11 AM PT / Noon MT / 1 PM CT/ 2 PM ET 

Starting: November 5, 2023 – February 18, 2024 (Skipping Christmas Eve and New Years Eve)

Cost: $150

Space is limited to 10 writers

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How I Work

When you choose to work with me, I request 50% down to book your project and will invoice the remaining 50% at project completion. If you need a payment plan, just ask. I will work with you! For all editing projects, I need a Microsoft Word, Google Doc, or Adobe PDF to mark edits and make comments or suggestions. Any editing service comes with an optional 30-minute session after you’ve received your feedback to discuss any questions you have.